is a member of the Elite Four.


Agatha is one of the oldest member of the Elite Four, who serves as an inspiration to senior Pokemon trainers. And despite being used to creepy Ghost Pokemon, Agatha is visibly horrified to defective Pokemon such as Rusty's Burbasaur.


The Elite FourEdit

Agatha, Lance, Bruno, and Lorelei are present in the Indigo Plateau, where Rusty arrived without any appointment. As Peanut Butter shows a sack of badges, Agatha pointed out why that there are blood on the badges, but Rusty tolds here that he has never seen Peanut Butter's murderous actions.

After Rusty politely asks them for a battle, Agatha summons her Gengar, and warns that her Pokemon will scare him and his Pokemon. As Rusty summons Burbasaur, Agatha is completely disgusted by it's appearance. As Peanut Butter decided to take Burbasaur's place, he uses casts a spell onto Agatha, causing Bidoofs to come out of her eyes and mouth to her excruciating death.

In Bidocalypse, Agatha was most likely to die again in Future Rusty's alternated timeline. As Peanut Butter's damage in undone, it was likely that Agatha (& the rest of the trainers) is revived.