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Battle Bart showing Rusty and Pikachu Two the Battlehaus

The Battlhaus is a special battle area owner by Battle Bart.


Notable AreasEdit

Many of the areas in the Battlehaus are oriented towards the different types of battles that are held within its wall. Nearly all the battles between Battle Bart and Rusty end in the former winning without any actual battling taking place.

Roller CoasterEdit

This is the location where Coaster Battles take place. It is revealed that two tracks run parallel to each other and the trainers battle while riding in the roller coaster cars. However, Rusty discovers that Flying Type pokemon do not excel at these types of battles.


This is held in a small room with only two people in it, both playing Yugioh. This room is unappreciated by Rusty and Battle Bart as it does not involve Pokemon.

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