Bruno is is a member of the Elite Four.


The Elite FourEdit

Agatha, Lance, Bruno, and Lorelei are present in the Indigo Plateau, where Rusty arrived without any appointment.

After Agatha's death, Bruno and the two Elite Four trainers decided not to battle him. Bruno also reminds Rusty that being an Elite Four member must address with other issues other than Pokemon, which the trainer find it boring.

After Rusty & Peanut Butter left, Lance asks if some of them should tell Agatha's family about her death, and they pushed to Bruno, much to his chagrin.

Bruno was most likely to be present as a member of the Anti-Bidoof Resistance, and he was unfortunately killed by Peanut Butter.

In the altered timeline, Bruno was most likely to repeat his encounter with Rusty and joins the Resistance and dies again. After Peanut Butter restored his faith in humanity, he was most likely to be revived by his undoing.