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Pikachu Two sleeping

Pikachu Two, also refered to as Pikatwo, is a Bidoof owned by Rusty. After the apparent death of Pikachu in the previous episode, Team Rocket Ride Along, dragged along behind Rusty is a Bidoof nicknamed "Pikachu Two."


Pikachu Two looks like all other Bidoofs, except that when Rusty becomes injured of hurt, Pikachu Two tends to have a smile that stretches the side of his face. Just like Pikachu, he seems to enjoy when Rusty is in pain. Rusty also pulled him along on a blue leash.

At the end of the episode "Batthehaus", Pikatwo was on fire, but Rusty mistook it for him to be evolving. Pikatwo was later dropped off at the Pokemon Daycare Center, but 30 seconds after dropping him off Rusty returned to ask Gladys if he had evolved, to which the answer was no

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