"Logic is the rarest candy of all!"
―Rusty, Gym Fight
"You are the worst trainer ever!"
―Rusty's Venomoth, Ghost Tower

Rusty is the stupid,yet determined, 10 year-old protagonist of the webseries Pokémon Rusty by Dorkly. He is very naive, but is determined to become the best Pokémon trainer there is, despite the fact that he is, in reality, the very worst. He looks up to his hero, Red.


Rusty has the same appearance as a regular Pokémon trainer, the only difference being that his eyes appear completely white, but this is due to a pair of glasses he wears. He also has black sleeves rather than dark blue. Apart from these things, he shares the same character sprite as Red. He has light brown hair under his hat.


"No, give up. Go home. You were born to work in a deli!"
Cubone on Rusty's "destiny", Ghost Tower

Rusty has very low intelligence and knows very little, if anything, about Pokémon and the Pokémon world and often kills his Pokémon by accident. Although he causes disaster almost everywhere that he goes, he is not outright malicious and often causes things out of chance or accident. He is very inspired by his hero, Red, even to the point of naming his Kakuna "Pikachu" after his hero's favorite Pokémon. He often gets discouraged during his journey, but he always bounces back, ready to fight on.

Rusty is in fact a highly skiled cook, earning praise from those around him from those who try it. However he dislikes cooking does not want to do it for a living despite all evidence that he could do so easily.

Pokemon owned by RustyEdit



Before the SeriesEdit

Not much is known about Rusty's past except that he has dreamed of becoming a trainer for a very long time and that he was meant to one day work at his parents' deli. At some point, he became a fan of Red and began following him on Twitter.

In the SeriesEdit

He randomly announces one day that his destiny is to be a Pokémon trainer, despite much opposition from his parents. He goes to Professor Tree and recieves a Kakuna from him before sneaking out of Beige Town and heading out into the world. He goes through a series of misadventures where he declares a random Bug Catcher as his rival and tries to evolve Pikachu in numerous, almost cruel, ways. He is caught off guard by Team Rocket who tries to steal Pikachu, but he "evolves out of pure happiness" the moment the Team Rocket member touches him. Rusty is punched by Pikachu and left, after which he calls his dad to pick him up.

As they ride home, they crash into a Snorlax and Rusty takes it as a sign that he must continue his journey, leaving his father at a Pokécenter. He makes his way to the Celadon Mall where he accidentally buys Professor Tree's bike filled with drugs. He eventually runs into Team Rocket again and he pursues them to Cinnabar Island where he challenges Blaine, thinking its his destiny to defeat him. Rusty is dealt a crushing defeat and is discouraged, so Blaine gives him a seashell, claiming that it is a badge and it lifts Rusty's spirits once more.

Team Rocket MembershipEdit

He finally makes it to Team Rocket HQ under the alias of a new recruit named Russel or Reginald (The Team Rocket Member, Ron, cannot read Rusty's handwriting). He tries to rescue Pikachu, but his efforts are stopped quickly. Realizing that Rusty raised the now insane Pikachu, they welcome him to Team Rocket, also finding the drug filled bike.

He goes on a ride along with a Team Rocket Member, but they are caught by surprise by Red, who obliterates them and their car, apparently killing Pikachu as well.

Afterwards Edit

He ventures on and passes through notable landmarks in his region like the Battlehaus, the Daycare and the Pokémon Tower, where he is haunted by all the pokemon he killed in the past. His deceased grandfather comes to his aid before they can get their revenge (only for Rusty to capture him with a pokeball).

He meets up with Professor Tree and watches a documentary with him before heading to the Viridian City Gym, which has a blockade of cops surrounding it. Rusty gets in through the back and goes to face Giovanni, but is shocked to discover that Pikachu is still alive, having killed Giovanni and took over Team Rocket. The police finally break through before Pikachu manages to kill Rusty and they are both arrested and taken to jail due to Rusty technically being responsible for Pikachu becoming the way he is.

Prison and the Elite Four Edit

As of Jailbreak, Rusty is in jail after being arrested in Viridian City Gym, prosecuted for all of Pikachu's horrendous deeds, since the policemen state that they cannot legally charge a Pokémon of these crimes. Rusty is seen working in the cafeteria, serving the other prisoners. The inmates complement him for his deli skills, but this causes for Rusty to have a fit saying that he wants to be the very best trainer. An inmate uses him in a battle until the perfect Bidoof breaks him out saying Rusty is his father. Rusty decides to call him Peanut Butter and together they leave to obtain badges and defeated the Elite Four.

After leaving the prison, Rusty and Peanut Butter travel Kanto, gathering "every badge," even those that trainers held, often through very violent means on Peanut Butter's half, though Rusty was always told to look away. Rusty challenged the Elite Four to a battle and Agatha stepped up to fight first. Rusty chose Burbasaur to fight, but the Pokémon suffered an organ failure. Peanut Butter stepped in to battle and with a simple wave of his hand caused Bidoofs to rupture from Agatha's eyes and mouth, killing her. Rusty, apparently unfazed by the event, claimed victory and asked who was next. Horrified, the rest of the Elite Four surrendered, saying that they changed the rules and he was now the new champion.

Eon of Doof Edit

Venturing to capture all the legendary Pokémon, Rusty and Peanut Butter find their way to the Safari Zone.



  • Rusty seems to be invincible in several occasions: He survived from a car crash, dodged gun shots, survived Eevee's scratches, & recovered from Battle Bart's brutal beating.
  • His favorite games are Ethical Dilemma & Pogs 3D.

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