Rusty's Bidoofs

Rusty has owned a great number of Bidoofs.

  • Shiny Bidoof -This Bidoof was attempted to be captured by Rusty, but the Pokeball bounced back to capture Rusty instead.
  • Peanut Butter -Also known as the Perfect Bidoof, this rescued Rusty from jail and started the Aeon Of Doof.
  • Bidoofs 1-16 -They were the first 16 Bidoofs Rusty captured, however, Rusty put them all in one ball so they died and haunted him.
  • Cliff Bidoof -This one was thrown over a cliff by Rusty afer Rusty was blinded.
  • Shot Bidoof -This Bidoof was shot by Team Rocket after attempting to attack them.
  • Breeding Bidoofs -An unknown number of Rusty's Bidoofs tried to breed with Julian's Dittos. They were all killed afer being run over by Team Rocket. 
  • Pikachu Two -After the apparent eath of Pikachu, Rusty made a Bidoof Pikachu Two, AKA Pikatwo. Pikachu Two nearly burned to death after Rusty set the Battlehaus on fire but he was taken to the Daycare center by Rusty.


The only Bidoofs to survive were Peanut Butter, Pikachu Two and Shiny Bidoof. That is three surviving versus at least 20 dead (the exact amount of Breeding Bidoofs killed is unknown).

Bidoofs are the only Pokemon that Rusty is skilled at catching, as Rusty has owned at least 23 Bidoofs.