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Severely Injured Snorlax among the car wreckage

The Severely Injured Snorlax is a Snorlax that was hit by Rusty's Dad. Rusty comments that it must be weak to Camries. He makes his first appearance in the episode Snorcrash


Severely Injured Snorlax is a normal Snorlax, but after it is hit by the car, it sustains terrible wounds and becomes paralyzed, never to move again. It has glass shards embedded throughout its body.


  • Coma
    • It literally makes the pokemon suffer a coma. It is super effective against the Severely Injured Snorlax.


Rusty captured it and healed it, along with his father, at the Pokemon Center. In the episode Celadon Mall (Episode), it is revealed that Rusty bought a French beret for the Snorlax. Currently, it is assumed that it is in Rusty's possession. When Rusty visited Battlehaus he used Snorlax in a Stacker Battle. However, Rusty put Snorlax at the top of his Pokemon stack, and it crushed the 3 Pokemon beneath it, two of which were Koffing and Machoke. It is probable that Snorlax survived being owned by Rusty, as it did not appear in Ghost Tower.

In Bidocalypse, the Severely Injured Snorlax was most likely to survive due to Future Rusty altering the timeline. He was also likely captured by him due to repeating his journey.

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