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Rusty choosing his first Pokemon for his journey

The Journey Begins is the title of the first episode of Dorkly's Pokemon Rusty series. It introduces major characters as well as begining the adventure that the series follows. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on July 16, 2012.

It is followed by Rusty's Rival.

Official DescriptionEdit

A new Dorkly series, about a trainer who has what it takes to be the very worst, like no one ever was.





Rusty hurries down the stairs in his house, declaring that it is the day that he becomes a pokemon trainer. The idea is quickly shut down by his father, saying that he is to go to college and get a job. Rusty argues this, claiming that Red's mom lets him be a trainer.

Rusty's mom shows cluelessness at this remark, not knowing who Red is. His father continues this, not knowing what Pallet Town is, leading to a spat over Beige Town being so small. Rusty claims that being ten years old, he is allowed to do whatever he wants. While his father admits that "legally, yes, that is true," he still will not let Rusty go out on his own. Rusty is told to take some Chicken Panini to Professor Tree and he leaves.

He enters Professor Tree's Lab to find him high in a smoky haze. Rusty inquires about Pokemon, but Professor Tree admits that he does not really know much about Pokemon and accidently confesses that he spends most of his time growing pot.

They strike a deal that Rusty can go out and study pokemon for him. Rusty takes a Kakuna as his first pokemon and sets off, telling Professor Tree to tell his parents that he is dead. He forgets to leave the chicken with the professor, leaving him distraught. Two Pidgey fly into the lab and the professor claims that it is a "new record," before the episode ends with Dorkly's logo.